WorldShare might be a Christian organisation that you have never previously heard about; equally, you may have followed the work that we do for some time now.

Either way, the question “what does it mean for us to share with the world?” is a very important question. Why? Because if Christian “sharing” is not unique and distinct from other forms of giving in the world, can we really be confident in our distinct, Christian witness?

Philanthropy and charity are not the same as Christian sharing, though they do relate.

Let us explain with five headings that will help you to understand a little more about why we partner with hard-to-reach Christian ministries all over the world, and, in doing that, why we believe Jesus is glorified.

Christian Sharing is Sacrificial

In Luke 21, when Jesus compared the widow’s offering with that of the rich and prosperous, the point He makes is very simple: Christians glorify God most when they give from the little that they have. This means that we don’t need to be rich and prosperous in order to give as a Christian should. Jesus didn’t reject the offerings of the rich but he attributed more worth to the widow who gave from the little that she had. Ultimately, Christian sharing like this expresses the deep overflow of worship to God. Therefore, Christian sharing with the world means giving even when it means giving all of the very little that we have. Christian sharing is sacrificial.

Christian Sharing is Truthful

The act of giving anything to anyone or sharing with anyone is one of grace. The giving of the rich and prosperous above was also gracious and yet there was an element of truthful story-telling manifest in the widow’s act of sacrificial faith that was not present in theirs. The ultimate truth we can bear witness to is that Jesus is our “all in all” - our most precious Treasure; in giving sacrificially to help others we proclaim the ultimate truth that Jesus is Lord. This burden to give truthfully also means we do what we can to share the full gospel and to help others all around the world do the same. We do this with our overarching priority of church planting. Therefore, Christian sharing with the world means giving truthfully even if it isn’t popular. Christian sharing is truthful.

Christian Sharing is Spiritual

Sharing the gospel is at the epicentre of WorldShare’s missions. As John Piper says, we’re not called to send people to hell with full stomachs. What does this mean? It means that the distinction of Christian sharing compared with all other forms of giving is that it’s rooted in the unique truth of the gospel. Because we have freely received the indescribable Gift of Jesus (see Matthew 10:5-8 and 2 Corinthians 9:15) our sharing must tell boldly and clearly of the spiritual transformation uniquely found in Jesus Christ and that’s available to all peoples around the world. Therefore, Christian sharing with the world means giving spiritually even if the loudest cry is for the practical. Christian sharing is spiritual.

Christian Sharing is Practical

But Christian sharing isn’t only spiritual. As James thunders in James 2:14-17, if we communicate a message of spiritual transformation but don’t attend to the practical needs of the world as well, we are proclaiming death not life - indeed, our faith isn’t really faith and it isn’t really Christian. There are so many practical needs in the world and, although Christian sharing is never void of the gospel at heart, neither will it lack the practical substance of physical transformation. As our partners in Mozambique shared with us recently, where there is spiritual transformation there will always be practical transformation. The same can not be said in reverse. Therefore, Christian sharing with the world means the tandem blessing of spiritual and practical transformation. Christian sharing is also practical.

Christian Sharing is Consistent

Finally, WorldShare recognises that our giving, in being sacrificial, truthful, spiritual and practical, must also be steady over decades rather than weeks or months. This was the main narrative in our June 2019 edition of the Window magazine in which we talked about “Long-term partnerships through the storm”. When we see the world breaking and fainting in response to horrendous natural disaster, barbarous war, heinous atrocity and evil upon evil, as Christians, how can we not be involved in this kind of giving for the long-term, for the rest of our lives? Therefore, Christian sharing with the world means “laying our lives down”, for the sake of others, for all of our fleeting years. Christian sharing is consistent.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved with this kind of sharing, please get in touch - we’d love to hear from you!