Becoming a Ministry Partner

WorldShare exists to help a network of indigenous ministry partners fulfil their God-given vision to share the Gospel, bring hope and transform their communities.

Our work grows in a number of ways:

  • By helping existing partners enlarge their current projects
  • By helping existing ministry partners start new projects
  • By forming partnerships with new ministries

Church leaders

There are very many Christian organisations around the world which have a vision to reach their communities. This is a tremendous testimony to the activity of the Holy Spirit in every part of the world. We welcome applications from Christian organisations who would like our help. However, because we are committed to long-term partnership with our existing ministry partners, we can only accept one or two new partners each year. We cannot possibly help everyone who applies to us.

If you would like to apply, the information below explains how we handle applications. Please also see the Guidance Notes.

Stage One: First Contact

Each week we receive requests from many such groups asking us to help them. We will only consider written requests, and if initial contact is by phone, we will ask the caller to submit an application by post or email. We assess these requests according to the following requirements:

  • Can we understand, from the letter or email, the situation in which the contact is living, and can we understand what they hope to do, and the change this will produce?
  • Does the potential ministry have a theological position compatible with WorldShare’s statement of faith? Will the intended project or projects, share Christ effectively?
  • Does the application meet our general conditions? (e.g., we do not assist individuals, only organisations; and we do not assist organisations based in the UK or other Western countries.)
  • Is it something which meets our Board’s current priorities and objectives?
  • Is it something we can raise money for (without endangering our income for existing partners)?

WorldShare has few resources of our own. We have to raise funds to share with existing and new ministry partners.

Is it a vision we might feel called by God to share?

Many applications do not pass this stage. Please note that, because of the large number of requests we receive, we cannot reply to those which don’t succeed at this stage. If you do not receive a reply from us within three months, you must assume that we are not able to help.

We don’t have the human resources to do everything at once, nor the financial resources to help everyone. We pray for God’s guidance to make the right choices. Even when we say ‘no’, we will sometimes keep the application to hand, in case the situation changes in the future.

Stage Two: Getting to Know You

When we feel we might be able to help an applicant, the information will then go to our Board, where we seek permission to invest time and resources in further investigation.

If the Board agree, we may then ask for much more detailed information in writing. This will usually help us to understand more about the organisation, its overall work, and the project in hand. We will usually ask to see past financial accounts from the organisation.

We will also arrange to make one or more visits to the organisation, in order to meet the Board, the key staff members, the staff involved in the intended project; and to see the location and work. These visits will be made by our Board or staff members, or by a consultant working on our behalf.

We will usually seek independent information about the organisation from others who know the country or region, and the kind of project which is proposed. We will seek to ensure that the organisation has a good reputation amongst its peers.

This process takes time – sometimes it can be a matter of weeks, but sometimes longer – up to two years in some cases. We do not respond to emergency appeals from organisations unknown to us, where there is no reasonable time to pursue this process. We do this because:

  • we want to honour Christ by being good stewards of the resources He has given us and by working with organisations which have clear integrity, share our beliefs and values. We want to assure ourselves that the organisation, the opportunity and the project(s) actually exist; that they are as described, and that the potential to bring Christian transformation is real.
  • we are trusted for our credible reputation. We owe it to all our ministry partners not to endanger this.
  • we engage in long-term partnership, helping our partners develop their ministry through different phases, sometimes for long periods. In the context of this longterm help, a protracted period of ‘due diligence’ is appropriate and not unreasonable.
  • our ministry partnerships thrive on growing relationships. We need to get to know in depth those with whom we will be working, and for them to get to know us.

Stage Three: Working Together

New ministry partners which make it through this process will begin to receive help on the basis of agreed amounts for agreed purposes. At the beginning the sums are likely to be very small. These will increase as our relationship develops, and we are assured that the organisation can properly handle more resources, and make good use of our help.

From there, we walk together where God takes us…

Guidance Note

If you wish to apply to us, and to start this process, please observe the following:

  • make sure you have given us your full name and address and email.
  • tell us about your location and its needs and how your ministry is addressing those needs.
  • tell us how your work is governed; if you have a Board, tell us who the members are.
  • tell us which churches in your locality support your work.
  • tell us whether you are already receiving funding from anyone outside your country.
  • please DO NOT send more than 3 photographs.
  • please DO NOT send testimonials or references from officials, pastors, bank managers or anyone else.
  • please DO NOT send anything which you need to have returned.

We will contact you if we need to see additional information or have questions.
If you are contacting us by post, please try to limit your application to no more than 4 sides of

By post, please write to:
The Chief Executive
Armstrong House
First Avenue
Robin Hood Airport

By email, please write to: